Access to all areas of our childcare facility is through a keycode system at designated areas around the building.


All staff has a childcare qualification up to and including level 8 FETAC.


All playrooms are furnished with appropriate equipment for each child’s level of development. Each playroom has its own external emergency exit and specialised safety flooring which incorporates insulation and absorption qualities which absorbs sound thus reducing noise.

The Butterfly Room - caters for children from 4months to 18 months.

The Caterpillar Room - caters for children from 4months to 18 months.

The Dancing Bluebells Room - caters for children from 1½years to 2½years.

The Busy Bee Room - caters for children from 2½years to 3½years.

The Playschool Room - caters for children from 3 years to 5 years.

Grasshoppers and First Friends Sessional Playschools - caters for children from 2 years 10 months to 5 years

The Afterschool Room - caters for children from 4 years to 12 years

Each room has its own nappy changing room, toilets and sleep facilities where appropriate and each baby under 1 year has their own cot in the sleep room. These rooms are constantly monitored by staff.


External Play

Our all-weather grass surface allows children to play in a comfortable and safe environment. Also, there is a large grass area located at the rear of the building and is used when the weather permits. There is also an indoor-outdoor room which is used for activities, sand-pit area and a playground area with suitable equipment for the children.

We take regular walks to the local village or lakes and we also take weekly trips to our local all-weather pitch or community centre for sport and exercise.

We also pay a monthly visit to our local garden centre, Ballyseedy, to enjoy gardening activities.




We have a fully equipped kitchen where meals are freshly prepared throughout the day on the premises for children of all age groups by our own chef.  Special dietary needs of children are discussed with their parents and can be catered for.  All meat is sourced locally and all supplies are delivered fresh each Monday morning.

Our Location

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