Based upon the implementation of Aistear & Siolta: Aistear is divided into four separate areas of development:
Well-being, Identity & Belonging, Communicating, Exploring & Thinking.



General Policies


Admission Policy for All Day Care:
Mary Geary’s Childcare is an anti-discriminatory facility. We welcome parents, children & staff of all ethnic origins, religious backgrounds, faiths and those who have special needs. We cater for children from 4 months to 12 years.

Our admission policy details our procedure for enquiries, vacancies, waiting lists and bookings for all full-time children. Preference is given to full-time children and part-time places are subject to availability. The relevant deposit and forms that need to be completed is also stated in this policy.


Enrolment Policy for sessional playschools
Mary Geary’s Childcare is an anti-discriminatory facility. We welcome parents, children & staff of all ethnic origins, religious backgrounds, faiths and those who have special needs. We cater for children from two years nine months up until school going age.

This policy outlines the: Registration Procedure, Enrolment preference, Identification PPS Numbers, Attendance.



Settling in Policy
Settling-in should be a positive experience as it will influence the child’s self-confidence, attitude to relationships and socialising will lay a strong foundation for future learning. We encourage that the settling-in days will be a few hours every day for 2-3 weeks before the start date. Parents/guardians are welcome to discuss their fears and concerns regarding settling in with your child’s main carers.



Equality & Non-discrimination policy
We at Mary Geary’s childcare welcome all children and families regardless of religion, race, gender, family status, disability and sexual orientation or membership of the Travelling Community. We comply with the Equal Status Acts 2000 to 2004.


Other headings covered under this policy are our: Aim and Admission, Parental Involvement, Staff Recruitment & Training, Curriculum, Legislation.



Sleeping Policy:
This policy outlines staff procedures and safety steps to be taken when putting children to sleep throughout the Crèche Day e.g. checking the children every 10 minutes and this will be documented by staff on a written check sheet.



Balloon Policy
Mary Geary’s Childcare does not use balloons for under 2 year olds. This is a safety measure as we are aware that children can choke and suffocate on un-inflated or broken balloons. All burst and broken balloons will be cleared away immediately. All age groups will be supervised at all times when balloons are used in the rooms.



Parties Policy
All children’s birthdays will be celebrated at Mary Geary’s Childcare, Playschool & Afterschool.
This policy includes decorations, party foods that are allowed while we also take into account food allergies and special dietary requirements.
A card and present will be given to the Birthday child during the party.



Managing Behaviour Policy
Helping children manage frustrations and resolve social conflicts is an area of social learning that is very important. Here at Mary Geary’s we follow High Scope six step conflict resolution process.
Approach calmly, stopping any hurtful actions. Acknowledge children’s feelings. Gather information. Restate the problem.
Ask for solutions and choose one together. Be prepared to give follow-up support.



Dealing with inappropriate behaviour
As part of our professional practice we welcome parents as partners. Parents must feel there is willingness on the part of staff to communicate with them and be able to discuss mutual expectations about the child and the setting.
Some parents may have different standards and expectations concerning approaches to discipline.
We have outlined four procedures we follow regarding discipline:
Step 1: Informal chat with child’s carers.

Step 2: Informal meeting with your child’s carers and Supervisor
Step 3: Formal meeting with your child’s carers, Supervisor and Crèche Owner
Step 4: Second formal meeting with your child’s carer, Supervisor and Crèche Owner (if necessary)


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Sibling Interaction Policy
At Mary Geary’s we have a large number of siblings attending the Crèche. We endeavour throughout the day to have numerous interactions between siblings during indoor and outdoor play.



T.V. Policy
The use of T.V. is limited at Mary Geary’s Childcare and we abide by the guidelines of Aistear, that is, it is used as an educational tool and staff talk with children about what they see and hear.



Child Accident/Emergency Policy
In the event of an accident a child is taken immediately without delay to a local doctor. We have three local surgeries we can go to and a member of staff will ring all to see which one can take the child. 2 members of staff will accompany the child to the doctor’s surgery. A member of staff at the Crèche will ring 999 if necessary and ring the parent.



Child collection Policy
No member of staff will allow an unknown person to collect any child from Mary Geary’s Childcare without prior, written permission from the child’s parent or guardian. Our child record form that is filled in upon a child starting at the Crèche has a specific ‘Authorised Person Collection’ section.



Dummy Policy
At Mary Geary’s Childcare children are only permitted to have their dummies/soothers for nap times. We advise parents to follow this same routine at home as it will provide consistency between home and crèche.



Keyworker System
At Mary Geary’s Childcare we operate a keyworker system. This means that every child in each room has a specific member of staff appointed to them in terms of monitoring their development and progression through written monthly observations. Parents can then liaise with their child’s keyworker if they have any concerns or questions relating to their child’s development.


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Feeding Policy
Children will either be strapped into high chairs or seated around a table depending on their age and the room they are in. A bib will be placed on younger children and children will be encouraged to feed themselves when they are developmentally ready. Children will always be supervised during mealtimes and the temperature of food is checked. All children are provided with a range of healthy, nutritious meals.



Bottle Feeding Policy
This policy outlines how staff label, store and heat bottles for younger children in the crèche. Staff will take all necessary precautions to ensure the temperature of bottles is correct before been given to a child.



This policy outlines at what age and what types of food young children can snack on during the day.



Again this policy outlines the ages and stages children will be encouraged to feed themselves and the developmental benefits for each child.


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Health and Nutrition Policy
It is the policy of Mary Geary’s Childcare to promote a healthy lifestyle through prevention of illness. We encourage the take up and completion of immunisation programs and developmental checks. Children are provided with healthy and nutritious meals and snacks on a daily basis.



Child Illness Policy
Mary Geary’s operates a strict child illness policy. Children will be excluded from the Crèche for periods anything up to 48 hours or more depending on the type of illnesses or medication a child is taking.



Nappy Changing Room Policy
Nappies will be changed as soon as a child has wet or soiled or at least every 3 hours (more often if there is bad nappy rash).



Toilet Training Policy
This policy outlines how staff will work with parents in drawing up a consistent routine in order to make toilet training a success.


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Toileting Policy
When children are toilet trained and confident in using the toilet, they are encouraged to become more independent e.g. asking to go to the toilet, cleaning themselves, flushing the toilet and washing hands using soap and water.



Laundry Policy
Bed linen and bibs etc. are washed and changed on a regular basis/as and when needed.



Confidentiality & Dealing with parents
All information on a child and their parents are kept confidential and at no point will a child be discussed outside the premises or with another parent.  All complaints or issues must be discussed with management.



Outdoor Play/Rain Play
As we approach the Autumn and Winter season this means more rain and colder weather. Children will play outside and if the rain is not too cold and if the air is not chilly. Appropriate clothing will be worn by children when going outside depending on the weather. Staff will ensure that children are not getting too cold. There are many physical and health benefits to outdoor play in all weather.


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Outdoor play areas policy
All outdoor play areas will be supervised at all times. All gates will be locked to ensure that children cannot leave the play area unsupervised.



Outings Policy
All outings will be authorised by management. Parents will be informed of all outings well in advance. Staff will check that parents have signed the consent form for permission to take their child on outings.



Complaints Procedure for parents
Our Crèche/Playschool believes that children and parents are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt, careful attention to their needs and wishes. If there are any concerns we anticipate that these will be resolved quickly by an informal approach to the appropriate member of staff. If this does not achieve the desired result, we have a set of procedures for dealing with concerns.



Health & Safety Policies


Medicine Policy
Parents will be requested to sign a medical consent form for the administration of all medicines including Calpol, Nurofen and Paralink. The person collecting your child must sign the consent form at the end of the day stating the time and dosage given.  If necessary children may be excluded from the Crèche for 24 hours when taking some antibiotics or medicines.



Emergency procedure
If a child is in need of emergency care then we have a procedure to contact and bring children to one of the local doctor surgeries.

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Immunisation Policy
Mary Geary’s has a duty of care to protect the health and well-being of children and staff who attend the centre. This includes providing immunisation information and monitoring records for all who attend the centre. If your child is not immunised they will need to be kept at home if there is an outbreak of an infectious disease for which there is a vaccine.


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
SIDS is “the death of an infant before his or her first birthday that can’t be explained.” It is one of the most common causes of death in babies between 1 and 12 months old and babies between 2 and 4 months old are more at risk. It is important to remember that no-one is at fault in SIDS cases. Babies at risk for SIDS exhibit no symptoms or warning signs and parents of babies who die from SIDS have no way of preventing it.


Fire Procedures
These are strict guidelines outlining the procedure to be carried out by staff members in the event of a fire. Fire drills and testing or fire equipment takes place regularly.


Safety statement
The management recognises its duty in conducting all aspects of its undertaking in such a way to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that all staff and others who use this facility and may be affected thereby, are not exposed to risks to their health and safety, through the provision and maintenance of a safe place of work and safe system of work and safe place for the carrying out of other activities.


Code of ethics and good practice for Children’s sport at Mary Gearys’ Creche
This is built upon a number of core principles relating to the importance of childhood, the needs of the child, integrity and fair play, and relationships and safety in sport. It addresses issues relating to the roles and responsibilities of all involved in children’s sport, and underpins the importance of policies and procedures in providing quality leadership for children in sport. It outlines principles of good principle and child protection policy and procedure.



A full and complete set of Mary Geary’s policies and procedures

are available in the crèche upon request if any parent wishes to see them.


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